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Hello! A writer is obviously an outstanding, interesting, charismatic character with whom you want to convey, who want to open up and”pour out your soul”. He has to have outstanding charisma along with a rich inner world.


Make certain to have high intellectual abilities. A journalist should be a capable person (it’s clear that there is no question of understanding of grammar and this really can be a matter of course caliber ). A media worker is a man who reads a lot, knows a lot, knows a great deal and always thinks. Yesto understand what’s unrealistic, however to be interested in particular areas of life will be the iron rule of any journalist.

Literary abilities - naturally, where with them? A journalist is simply obliged to be able to exhibit the material superbly, even though he doesn’t”sculpt” itin reality, out of nothing. Easy syllable, vivid demonstration, dynamic coverage of important points - these are the aspects that each guide should clarify.


I truly like to do something with my own hands. Lately, I began to help my wife a lot in arranging our garden and discovered that I have a strong desire to share this with others. For thisI created the site best cordless mini circular saw

 at which I discuss the keys of my own work.

But the presence of all the above mentioned qualities doesn’t always guarantee a fast career. A journalist should also be hardworking, possess the willpower and the desire to constantly find new things.


I have dedicated most of my life . I’m a journalist to the bone. Many people in childhood dreamed of becoming a journalist, however, we believe little about what is a difficult and entertaining profession.

Curiosity is fascination, however you always must understand which data is helpful and fascinating, and that is only a waste of time. Perhaps this factor appears to be basic, but it’s only at first glance. In reality, not too many individuals have the capability to distinguish between secondary and important.A journalist must be curious. “Poking your nose out of business” in journalism, unlike ordinary lifetime, is not regarded as bad form and even vice versa - that the more curious a media employee, the more competent he is. But it’s worth considering that we’re referring to fascination of a professional character, but not of regular life.

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